Our Ethos

We endeavour to support the green economy by sourcing our products from environmentally responsible suppliers. We focus on timber and promote it as our core product for this very reason. Timber is the ideal natural product to use in buildings, as it is a renewable resource. It stores carbon dioxide and recycled sun light within its fibre’s and is therefore carbon friendly. We source the majority of our pine from a company called Cape Pine, because they offer a superior quality product. We are also proud stockists of their range of Eco-Timber, which guarantee’s product from sustainable and renewable forests. You can read more on this timber at www.capepine.co.za

We acknowledge that a business is only as good as its people. Our staff have been designing roof structures and giving building advice for over 60 years. Countless homes, schools, public buildings and well known landmarks have all been supplied by Airton Timbers. Their collective knowledge is invaluable and will play a crucial part of our success in the future. We endeavour to harness this knowledge and then package it into a motivated workforce, which will be unrivalled in the Western Cape.

People are important to us and therefore we support our community. We have sponsored a variety of projects throughout Cape Town and the surrounding areas. We have recently launched into an initiative, with some of the contracting companies working on large projects, where we assist with free building material on a community building or a playground.