Global Environment Fund

Cape Pine’s largest shareholder is Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund (ASFF), managed by the Global Environment Fund (GEF). Since 1990 GEF has grown to be one of the worlds leading environmentally focussed private equity groups. In recent years, the GEF team has completed more than 30 investments in businesses operating in a broad array of economic sectors, and in all of the world’s major geographical regions. All investments are dedicated to clean technology, emerging markets, and sustainable forestry.

The firm now manages approximately USD1 billion of private equity from prominent endowments, foundations, family offices, and pension funds. GEF’s environmental aims are to deliver global benefits including biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, protection of international waters, prevention of land degradation (primarily desertification and deforestation), and elimination of persistent organic pollutants through community-based approaches.

GEF’s values are all pursued naturally by us at Airton Timbers; we’re proud to work with financiers with whom we share such an overlap of fundamental principles.