Wood Treatment


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Degradation is always a concern when specifying wood in a project; fortunately we understand it well.

In certain applications external agencies, such as fungal decay (rot) and insect attack (wood-borer and termites) will threaten the wood. If this is the case then Airton Timbers pressure treats the timber with preservatives to prevent fungal decay and insect attack.

Other hazards, like groundwater, can also cause degradation. We use a variety of chemicals including: CCA or Vacsol Azure (Verified Environmental Friendly by Eco-Specifier), to protect our timber. These Efficient preservation practices can minimise or even eliminate degradation, giving you the peace of mind that the lumber in your project will be stable, straight and strong for years.

In South Africa we have 6 levels of treatment related to different hazard classifications.

South African treated timber is legally required to comply with national standards and must bear the marking containing the following information:

For Sawn Timber:
Ink stamp bearing SABS or SATAS stamp and (H) class

For Poles:
Metal marker bearing SABS or SATAS stamp and (H) class